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Utility Services:

Do you know you could save 50% on  your energy bills if you have a fair deal for the Gas and Electricity that you use. To find out the best solution our UK-based experts team could compare prices from different suppliers to see who is offering the most competitive rates. Our UK-based experts team is dedicated to make sure the whole process is as fair and smooth.

Gas and electricity are everyday essentials for all businesses. All types of organisation spend a big amount of money for utility. That is why energy management is a vital concern for any organisation or business. It’s important to know that the price you pay for the utilities (Electricity and Gas) is fair and competitive. Our individual account management approach ensures that our customers benefit from the most competitive electricity and gas prices available to the market at any time. Our UK based team are always working closely on energy supply companies and developing a deep understanding of each individual business, negotiating a tailored supply contract to make sure  meets all your expectations.

We offer our expert advice and services on:

1. Business Energy (Electricity and Gas)  

2. Merchant Services and 

3. Broadband Services.

Electricity Services

Energy ( Electricity and Gas):

We always compare prices from every energy supplier in England to help your business at lower your utility bills. Your energy supply will NOT be interrupted at any stage during the switch. Our UK based experts team will provide you best tariffs that you could not have by going directly to the suppliers. This is the perfect time to have a better deal with the best suppliers in the UK. You could save 50% on utility bills just by switching to a better energy deal.

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Merchant Services

Merchant Services: 

Our UK based expert team can arrange a better deal for your card processing services to cut your transaction fees by up to 30%. By our advice and dedicated free of cost service your complex chip & pin machine area could be very simple and smooth.

Let’s talk on free phone 02080503424

Or Call UK mobiles on 07500556335

Broadband Services

Broadband Services: 

Our UK based expert team can help you to find exclusive broadband deals by comparing leading providers. Find the best broadband and telephone services for your business we could find various provider's download limit, speed limit, enough lines to manage the volume of calls and charges reflect the calls to your business.

Let’s talk on free phone 02080503424

Or Call UK mobiles on 07500556335

Gas Meter Installation
Electric Meter Installation

Metering Management:


Our dedicated professional team  provide management services for gas and electricity supply like new Connection, Metering, Disconnection and etc. In all stages,  we will make sure we work to your timescales and ensure that the installation process runs as fair and smooth.

Project Management Services include:

  • New Connections for your business: We are here to guide you through the process of getting a new electricity connection for a small project. Our UK based expert team will help you to provide all the information from beginning to the utilities market,  like: applying for a new connection and how the process of getting connected will work.We do manage from Gas mains to Electricity 3 phase supplies and will accelerate the process through our knowledge of the utilities market.

  • Metering: If you need to install a meter or relocated, removed or upgraded then we are here to accomplish to your specific needs. To do complete this process we can provide the best solution with competitive price. 

  • Disconnections: we can work on arranging Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS) registered providers who are able to undertake new gas connections, services alterations or disconnections.  To make sure the workplace safe for other contractors we can arrange Gas Safe Engineers to disconnect old supplies within one working day on request.

Smart Metering (AMR) 

     To cut the need for estimated bills and manual meter readings (AMR) Smart Meters send the information back to your energy supplier. This is the sophisticated meters introduced to replace existing gas and electricity meters. It measures your exact gas and         electricity usage. 

 Smart Meter benefits for your business:

  • Carbon emissions can be reduced in line with international obligations.

  • Energy bills will reflect your actual consumption and will not be based on monthly estimations, helping businesses forecast and budget expenditure. 

  • Detailed information about energy usage can identify opportunities for energy saving.

  • Energy efficiency improvements can be identified in buildings and equipment.

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